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I read an article that Boing Boing linked to about read receipts, privacy and all that jazz, and found myself disagreeing with it – I have never felt pressured to respond to a text even if there are read receipts flying around, and so I didn’t really see the point. However, it does occur to me that I only use text messaging with a fairly small group of close friends, and so it’s possible that my views on this are biased. I’ve put this poll up to get an idea of people’s feelings on the subject; I also posted about it on Twitter (you can read the tweets at Storify).

I should say that I’m talking specifically about read receipts of the sort that are being introduced by Facebook and iMessage, where you just receive a quiet ‘Read xx:xx’ (Apple) or ‘Seen at xx:xx’ (Facebook). I’m not talking about email read receipts, which I don’t think I’ve ever actually encountered in the wild. In the poll, where I say ‘opt-in’, I mean, ‘in order for people to see that you have read their messages you must have opted into read receipts’.

I’m sure I’ve missed something but I have somewhere to be now, so I’ll leave it to you lot to leave angry comments on this post before thinking about it further.

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