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Have you ever read the instructions on a packet of toothpicks?

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Facts of the Asylum

  • Unsigned, anonymous comments will be deleted in the majority of cases.
  • I sometimes post spoilers about things. Spoilers are always put under LJ cuts.
  • The mood theme I am currently using is a Castle theme created by kohler.
  • All of my writing in this LiveJournal is copyright © John Coxon 2004–2012. You must obtain my written permission before reproducing it.
  • All other writings (including, but not limited to, comments) are copyright © to their respective authors.

I used to use Generator, which had a background by a friend of mine who committed suicide. I can’t bring myself to delete the credit, even though it makes no sense: The wallpaper I am currently using is a photograph by the awesome tytal.

I used to black spoilers out, but I don’t tend to anymore. If I did, this would be the code I would use to do it:

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