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Hello LiveJournal! Writing this on Monday morning at work, because I was too tired last night.

Monday and Tuesday were roleplay, as per usual: Pathfinder and Star Wars, respectively. It felt like we got through more roleplay on the Monday than we have been doing recently, although I don’t know whether that’s just my perception or not. I helped the GM solve a technical problem after we’d played, regarding the upcoming redesign of Physics for Idiots, a website that he and a couple of friends of ours constructed back in the day. It’s an exciting project, and I’m looking forward to seeing Physics for Idiots reborn in all its glory! Star Wars was fun, I’m still enjoying GMing and I’m having a blast coming up with ways to have the players’ explorations land them on the main plot by hook or by crook. I like the feeling that they can go and poke around and still wind up uncovering stuff that’s relevant, but it requires a lot of reworking and improvisation as a game progresses. It’s a rather terrifying experience, actually.

Wednesday was a bit weird for two reasons: firstly, it was the graduation ceremony for the College of Science and Engineering, so I was tasked with selling the Journal of Physics Special Topics to the graduates. It’s a compilation of some of the miniature papers that they write over the course of a year, and so they tend to get bought so that people can sign them, etc. I produce the book for the department each year, and each year I have to work out all the problems from scratch because I take terrible notes. Next year, I’ll be at my new post in Southampton and so I won’t be able to do it; as such, this year I took pretty good notes. I must blog them, really. In the evening of Wednesday, [ profile] cmdrsuzdal and I went to Café Research, a monthly meeting of postgraduates to discuss postgraduate research throughout the University of Leicester. This month saw the launch of Frontier, a new magazine that also focuses on postgraduate research – I was the director of design for the inaugural issue, so I attended to see that happen. I have a couple of copies for my parents, etc., and it’s quite cool to see my designs in a semi-professional magazine!

I know we watched The 40-Year-Old Virgin at some stage this week and I think it was Wednesday night. I enjoyed it, it was silly and fun. We also started watching Orphan Black at some stage, which I am enjoying. And we really need to finish the series of Rick and Morty, which should really be getting a Hugo Award this time next year.

Thursday and Friday were much the same at work, but both involved barbecues afterwards. The Thursday saw a couple of my colleagues throw a barbecue leading into watching The Secret Life of Students, because the latest episode had my supervisor in it. España and I left before the communal watching so that we could watch it in bed, but it was fun to see the department and academics I know featured on the show. I’ve actually been rather enjoying the show generally, so it’s nice to keep up with it on the day it airs (especially given that it tends to get discussed at work). Friday, [ profile] himedark decided to throw a barbecue, which was great fun. It was nice to hang out with Lianne, Liz, Hamish and Ian, and have España spend a bit more time with them. We ate way too much meat, which was also very fun!

Saturday, I went to the gym really early before España was properly awake, and we headed to Mrs Bridges Tearooms when she had gotten up so that we could get a spot of breakfast. I got some pork shoulder diced on the market for an experiment, and then we headed home to clean the flat. That evening was Chris’ birthday dinner at Buddies USA, so we got a lift with Liz and Hamish and met up with Alex, Lianne, Shannon, Andrew, Chris, Ash and Nicola at the restaurant. It was fun: España had a burger that came in two waffles instead of in a bun, with maple syrup. I had the Chewbacka, which is just bacon, cheese and mushrooms – also yummy. After the meal I headed back to Chris and Andrew’s to drink some prosecco, and then headed home to collapse into bed because knackered.

Sunday was a day on which my parents visited at 09:30 to drop some stuff off, so we got up stupid early. I made a banoffee pie and hung out with Chris, Andrew, Alex, and Lianne to play Eldritch Horror, which is jolly good fun. It’s similar to Arkham Horror in terms of the need to close gates and defeat monsters, but the actual lower-level mechanics are different enough that I think it’s worth playing both. I had a great time.

Finally on Sunday, I went to see Monty Python with my friend Josh. It was really great fun, but the introduction of a few new jokes in places didn’t work very well. Honestly the best bits were when they were corpsing or forgetting their lines on stage. John Cleese, particularly, seemed to be having difficulty with lines and whatnot. I was pleased to see Graham Chapman appear on the monitor quite prominently. All in all, a good evening (and about 3.5 hours long at the cinema, which was worth the money!).

Until next time, LiveJournalers!


Aug. 11th, 2010 10:28 am
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So this is being a good week so far! I went to a mate's stag do at the weekend which was a lot of fun and about which I will not blog any further.

Then on Sunday I (Iron Hands Space Marines) played a doubles game of Warhammer 40K with Tony (White Scars Space Marines) against Becky (Dark Eldar) and Tom (Necrons). Unfortunately the evil xenos won the day this time, but I'm looking forward to playing Tom and Becky individually and thrashing them both!

On Monday Sam, Tom, Becky, Tony and I drove down to Plymouth to meet up with Ash and Nic, so last night we went to see some fireworks because it is the National Fireworks Championships. They were extremely pretty last night (we preferred the third set) and I also saw a meteor! Several people lit Chinese Candles, too.

I also accidentally purchased one of the Star Wars RPG sourcebooks (Galaxy of Intrigue) so I'm going to have a good read of that on the drive back to Leicester! :D

Today Corporation is the roleplay of choice although yesterday some of the others played Dark Heresy and we were playing Solairis and Penny Arcade: The Card Game whilst waiting for the fireworks to kick off.

I think a powerboat ride is on the cards this afternoon before the second lot of fireworks tonight, and then tomorrow we head back to Leicester. I think I may spend the evening watching Suoernatural with [ profile] sarkywoman.

Also, I think I need a few new icons. Robot Wars, fireworks and an iPhone all spring to mind!

Until next time folks!

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So, it's been almost two weeks since my last update to LiveJournal, and that doesn't bode well for the rest of 2010, but let's try to rectify that now.

The night of the last entry saw me go out for drinks with my friend Jim and his girlfriend, whom I had not met before (even though they've been dating for about a year now!). There were a couple of other people there, but both of them had to leave fairly early and quite a few other people couldn't make it, which was a shame. Other than that, my last days in Peterborough passed fairly uneventfully, much to my disappointment, and a date I was supposed to have never got back to me (although such things are always a good way of weeding out the people who don't have the manners to let you know!).

On the university front, well, I went back to Leicester on Wednesday 6th January to hang out with uni people and get some revision done. The revision, I think, went well – I'm hopeful that I got a 2:1 in that module, but we shall see. I don't want to hex it! Had a meeting with the supervisor for my second semester project, which sounds really interesting, because it's about the effects of a star's rotating magnetic field on its protoplanetary disc. Also had an interview (which turned out to be an oral exam in disguise!) about my first semester project, which was interesting but really boring simultaneously. Lectures start again properly on Thursday or Friday next week, so hopefully I can write some of my assignment before that happens (but then again, pigs could fly...).

Gamesoc starts up again on Monday, which is the day I return to Leicester for the Lent term. I'm looking forward to this term, but unfortunately, the rebuilding of the Union is playing havoc with our established calendar of events. This term, I'd like to see the return of both the charity boardgames social and the Geek Quiz, but there's nowhere in the SU that could realistically host either event, which might make things significantly more difficult! I'm sure we'll muddle through.

At the moment, I'm sharing a room with my oldest brother, and all four siblings are in Peterborough together. The youngest of us had an A-level exam, which I don't think he was very confident about, but I'm sure he did well. Dave's going back home tomorrow, I believe, and James leaves on Monday. We have had a good laugh whilst they've both been visiting, and it's always hard saying goodbye to James because I very rarely get to see him and I miss him quite a lot most of the time! Obviously, I'd never let that slip, though...

I don't think there is really anything else to report at the moment. I'm still looking forward to seeing someone when I get back to uni, and I'm currently listening to some music which is something I don't do enough of. I bought The Hangover: Unrated on iTunes today so I want to watch that at some point, but apparently James didn't find it very funny, so I'm not sure I'll be able to do that before getting back to Leicester. I'm also going to treat myself to a new TPB tomorrow afternoon, I think.

I'm sleepy, but I don't want to stop listening to music. Annoyingly, I can't take my headphones out because I'm sharing this room. I'm sure I'll work something out, though, so until next time, ciao!


Dec. 12th, 2009 02:20 am
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I have challenged someone to a food-based duel: if he can cook an entire meal in a dishwasher, I will buy him dinner. This may prove to have been a bad idea...

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So my uni friend Michael and I went to see Jonathan Coulton tonight at the Union Chapel in London. First impressions of the venue were of surprise -- I had assumed it was an ex-chapel converted into a venue, but it appeared to be a genuine, honest-to-God church, and that impression only got stronger as we walked in and took our seats on the pews.

After we'd bagged our spot, I purchased a copy of JoCo's first album, Smoking Monkey, and one of the 2009 Tour T-shirts (which has the honour of being one of extremely few white T-shirts in my collection!) before settling down to wait for the evening's entertainment to kick off. Eventually, to much applause, Paul and Storm came on-stage.

They kicked off by greeting us all and telling us they were "the thing you have to sit through to see the thing you came to see tonight!" They launched into a rendition of Opening Band which was really fun, and they had two matching pairs of boxer shorts, a thong and a packet of Jaffa Cakes. Then they did their Mothers' Day song, and asked us whether any of us had mothers (apparently Manchester shouted back that they were clones).

During a song that apparently needed us to wave lighters in the air, someone was caught with an open laptop and a competition was started to see who could design the best lighter app before the end of the show (AFAIK nobody completed the challenge). They played Frogger: The Musical, a song about boxing nuns and a pirate's wife's lament.

At some point during the set, Paul used the phrase "Wispa Melée!" and Storm said that that was their Clash tribute band. This triggered a number of jokes around names for tribute/covers bands throughout the evening:

  • Manufactured Sorrow: The Smiths
  • Zombie Leprechauns: The Pogues
  • Oblong Circles: They Might Be Giants
  • Jaffa Cake Thieves: The Madness
  • Star Wars Can of Worms: Weezer
  • Ritalin Cannon: TMBG again
  • Space Bones: David Bowie (this one was actually during JoCo's set)
JoCo came on after a short break, and started with the three songs I listened to on the way to the railway station this afternoon before moving onto some more. Paul and Storm came on after a few songs -- Paul had changed into a Captain Hammer shirt and responded to calls of 'Captain Hammer' with "The hammer is my penis", which is as it should be. No real shocks or surprises came until they covered TMBG's Birdhouse in Your Soul (I knew he'd covered it for Chicago but didn't expect to hear it tonight). Another notable song was Mr. Fancy Pants -- its first performance in the UK -- in which we got well and truly rickrolled!

The set continued with some really great songs, including most of the old favourites. He didn't do Chiron Beta Prime, You Ruined Everything or I'm Your Moon, but he did a version of Always the Moon without mics or amps, relying on the natural acoustics of the room, that was absolutely stunning. Both he and Paul and Storm performed a couple of songs from Masters of Song Fu each, which was cool (although sadly there was no Boolean Love Song).

At the end, he plugged some merch (including cake-scented stickers) before coming out to take photos with and sign autographs for the people who had stuck around. All in all, a good night! xD

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In the queue for the JoCo gig in London tonight!!

Sometimes the lack of a flash on the iPhone does get in the way... Anyone else got any awesome plans tonight?

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I have spent a happy evening at [ profile] archaro's house eating a very good dinner. We started with a gin and tonic each, and then we started, at 8pm, a dinner that consisted of several courses:

  • Traditional French onion soup (caramellized onion soup with a slice of French bread in it and grated gruyére on top).
  • Welsh lamb with a leek fool and new potatoes, served with a glass of Auvergnat pinot noir (red wine).
  • Gin and tonic sorbet (which was love).
  • Field mushroom pâté with a slice of bruschetta and a balsamic vinaigrette, along with a glass of gavi (white wine).
  • An Aberdeen Angus fillet steak with fine beans, new potatoes and an English mustard and clotted cream sauce, and a glass of Balgownie cabernet sauvignon (red wine).
  • Cheese and biscuits (unpasteurized Stilton and Cheddar, and a pasteurized Shropshire Blue) with a single quinta vintage port.
  • Half a melon, balled and then marinated in port and cherry brandy.
  • Rosewater panna cotta and saffron & cardamom panna cotta with a glass of orange muscat.
  • Coffee and delicious chocolate truffles, with cherry brandy!

After the cherry brandy, the amount of alcohol hit me like a train (I was not the only one!) and so we retired to bed after finishing supper at about 1am. A damn fine evening!

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Oct. 31st, 2009 07:39 pm
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This weekend my family and I are visiting my Great Auntie Margaret in Southampton, and so last night I spent the night in Peterborough and this afternoon has been spent wandering around Southampton city centre.

Some of the people reading this will live in cities that have a proper milkshake shop, like Shakeaway -- indeed, some of you may even have a branch of that particular business! My parents and I were introduced to milkshake shops by Shakeaway in Bournemouth, and my mother is rather partial to the chocolate & cherry flavour. In fact, she's made it her mission to visit all of their branches (not entirely seriously...).

When we got to Southampton, our first port of call was the bigger of the two Shakeaway outlets (one is a shop, the other is more a counter in a shopping centre), in which I had the milkshake photographed below:

It was lovely, but they did it with Milkybar instead of Milky Way, which made it a bit sweet for my taste. Afterwards we explored more of the city, discovering that the new Magic Mouse is alright but not as good as I hoped; that Hotel Chocolat do chocolate nibbles for dinner parties; and that Italian hog roast apparently means "no stuffing or crackling". I also didn't buy a Beach Boys album.

Then, Dad suggested getting another milkshake, and since I have no self-control, I plumped for a chocolate and peanut butter one this time around:

(The thumbs in the background are my Aubtie Jennifer's, and the milkshakes are chocolate with cherry, peanut butter and ginger respectively.)

Then we went to actually visit Auntie Margaret, and now we're preparing to go our. All in all, a good day!

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Does anyone reading this not yet have a ticket to Hitchcon but is intending to go? They're doing 2-for-1 tickets through Facebook, so if so, leave me a comment and we can go halves. Comments are screened.
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This is my Constitution con report. Constitution began with me having to run across Peterborough railway station to catch a train, then find a seat, then copy [ profile] aeglefinus' number out of my Mac and then ask a stranger to let me use his phone to text him. Rather surprisingly, it all came together and I made it to the convention in time for the opening ceremony, which was good!

More convention behind the cut )
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Long time no blog!

Let's see, what have I been up to? Well, firstly, I visited Bristol with my parents to see the Banksy exhibition currently installed there. We arrived in the city on the Saturday afternoon and had a quick look around the shops and suchlike before going into town earlyish on the Sunday morning to queue for the exhibition. As it turned out, the queue in question was around three hours long so I nipped off to go shopping and bought a shiny new iPhone, getting back just as the queue reached the entrance to the museum and then taking an extreme amount of photos of the exhibition itself (around 150 which I culled to 80, which will eventually make their way to Facebook).

Then, after that weekend, I hopped onto a train from Bristol to Nottingham to go and see Bill Bailey. I was a bit apprehensive after having seen his latest DVD (which has several flaws, not least of which is the fact it just isn't very amusing), but I really enjoyed it, and I was laughing for most of the two and a half hours he was on stage. All in all a damn fine night out!

Then, later that week I saw Ice Age 3. It's a very good sequel, managing to be (in my opinion) better than its two predecessors, and has Simon Pegg in it, which was ace. It also has dinosaurs. On the subject of films, last week I went to see Moon starring Sam Rockwell, which is a brilliant film! You should all go and watch it if you haven't already. Ditto The Hangover but for different reasons altogether.

As I typed this, I was staying in Cambridge with [ profile] aeglefinus and his wife, but didn't manage to get to Wi-Fi until today. A Constitution con report is on its way!
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So this weekend saw the first of the two weddings of 2009, as my friends Pete (or, as we call him, Gramps) and Christine tied the knot in front of close friends and family. It was an ace weekend, and I had a great time... I may have ended up ever so slightly completely wankered, but that's really understandable, and I don't think I massively offended too many people with my drunken state.

The day afterwards I eventually got up and showered before having breakfast/lunch at Burger King with the friends who'd been at the reception. At around noon, I bade them farewell and headed over to Bicester to spend some quality time with [ profile] simbagirl. Unfortunately, we didn't find her a graduation outfit, but we did spend time walking in a wood, so I reckon it balances out, really. It was a good day, and awesome to spend time catching up properly!

In news unrelated to weddings, I bought The Conduit for the Wii on Friday, and although the wedding got in the way of excessive play, I have been playing it and I can cautiously report that it's rather good. I have found a couple of parts really very very hard (and personally I think all guns should have bullets and am therefore not so fond of the alien weaponry available) but I've managed to get past every challenge with sufficient effort and the plot is unravelling nicely, so all's well. I'd be interested to see what online play is like – [ profile] snowking, are you planning to get a copy? Anyone else I know going to be playing?

I went round to visit [ profile] hawkida the other night, and spent three or four hours catching up with her, which was awesome for all the right reasons, and came away with five sacks of stuff to donate to charity in addition to fifteen or sixteen cans of pre-drinks for the aforementioned wedding. She mentioned that I suck at updating my LJ, hence this roundup of events.

The last really major thing is that I went to see the Eagles again on Wednesday night in Birmingham, and they blew my mind. I was really glad they played Witchy Woman from their first album, since I'd not heard that live yet, but I'm a bit gutted stuff like Peaceful Easy Feeling made it in when tracks like Tequila Sunrise or Busy Being Fabulous didn't, but all in all I thought the setlist was really good and strong. Another couple of surprise inclusions were Dirty Laundry and Funk #49 – both on the Farewell I tour and neither of them Eagles tracks, I was kind of expecting the evening to spend less time on the band's solo careers than their last set, but both of them kicked ass so I'm not complaining at all!

Other than that, not a lot has happened. I've been spending time happily getting reacquainted with all the schoolfriends I never seem to get in touch with during termtime, and generally whiling away my days. Work is boring but the evenings haven't been yet, and the first four weeks of being home have been really rather quick. It'll be September in no time, which is good - I kind of miss my physics...

I have nothing at all interesting planned for a couple of weeks now, so don't expect much updating until I go to see the Banksy exhibition in Bristol in a fortnight's time. Until then, ciao!
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It has been pointed out to me that I am teh suck when it comes to updating this thing, or at least, I don't use it as often as I used to. This is entirely true, and I apologise sincerely to everyone!

First things first, then: I am the proud owner of one (1) passed second year, at a level that allows me to continue on the MPhys course I am currently doing (that's above 55% or a 2:1, depending on who you believe). This makes me happy, and makes the night out I had last night feel so much sweeter.

Secondly, I got elected as president of the Gamesoc recently. The previous president steps down at the Geek Ball, which was on Saturday and awesome, so I am now officially Mr President. It's an ongoing joke that everyone who's ever been president is still the president, and so the number of presidents in my D&D group now outnumbers the number of ordinary members!

I think that's all for now... Oh, except that I'm going to see Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen tonight, tomorrow is Alton Towers (woo!) and Saturday is my mate's stag do (we're going...go-karting. Apparently his brother is vetoing strippers. Something is Very Wrong with this). And then home on Sunday for Father's Day.

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The last time I updated this thing properly was Christmas. That's possibly a bit of a long time, since then it's just been 15 or so entries on not a lot, so I'm going to give you guys an update here.

I went to several comedy shows during the Leicester Comedy Festival - Jim Smallman, Tim Minchin, Ed Aczel, Ed Byrne. Minchin did his new show, which I believe is touring Australia at the moment before coming back to the UK later this year - see it if you can, it's got some really good songs in it (as anyone who saw my Twitter during the concert will already know!). Ed Byrne's set was also really, really good - it's coming back to Leicester later this year, so I assume it's still touring elsewhere in the UK. I recommend seeing it if you can, I really enjoyed it. Ed Aczel was weird (as I was expecting), and two or three people walked out of his show, but I was laughing so that was fine. And Jim Smallman is a comedian I've seen a few times, but his set was as funny as always.

Tonight was the Geek Quiz. I've just received a text telling me that my team didn't actually win (it went to tiebreak, but apparently an answer has been discovered to be inaccurate since the end of the evening so my team lost by two points), but it was a good evening. And we won the competition to get most kicker questions (really hard questions at the end of every round designed to sort the men from the boys).

What else has happened? Not a whole lot. Had a friend from home visit recently, and shortly afterwards I also went home - saw all my brothers which was awesome, and celebrated my grandparents' wedding anniversary. I've been doing uni as usual, and it's been going averagely. I'm now social secretary of the Game Society, and I was elected president on Monday, so I'll be president next year. We're having a twenty-four hour board gaming social in a fortnight's time which ought to be epic.

On the subject of Gamesoc, I've been playing more Warhammer 40,000 - I'm getting better, slowly but surely. I beat my friend Ash the other day, and I've won one lost two in the doubles tournament that's running (I confidently anticipate placing in the middle somewhere). We also played a 6000pts/side game of Imperial Guard vs Necrons, which was good fun. We Necrons won, but by the skin of our teeth!

I'm also now on the committee for LL3, which is absolutely definitely probably happening in summer 2010. Unfortunately, someone decided that during exams was the best time to hold a convention, so I can't go to Plokta, which is annoying. I also couldn't have gone to Redemption, even if I'd remembered it was happening, due to family commitments. I should be at Constitution this summer though, so I'll see some of you there. I'm also (obviously) still going to be at LX and Odyssey 2010.

Can't think of much else happening in my life. Didn't win the lottery tonight, that was a shame! I am now going to shower, buy peanut butter from the twenty-four hour Spar down the road, and hit the hay, as I'm up at something ridiculous like 07:00 tomorrow morning for Picocon. I plan to read Watchmen for the first time on the train, in anticipation of the film on Friday. See some of you there!


Dec. 26th, 2008 02:03 pm
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Father Christmas brought me an awesome wallet; a pair of salt and pepper shakers that attach to your fridge; a radio controlled Dalek; Bill Bailey's latest live DVD; Flash Gordon on DVD; Rage Against the Machine's first album; a casserole dish and accompanying cookbook; a metre of popcorn (srsly awesome); a dice bag (although I don't think that's what Grandma had in mind for it...); many chocolates, some awesome pants, some Sharpies and some soap.

Good haul, all round! :) Off out to the panto in a minute, after we've had some lunch.


Dec. 16th, 2008 12:37 am
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I'm going to see the Eagles live again!!! :D

Comedy Club

Dec. 3rd, 2008 01:50 am
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It is technically my birthday today, but I am waiting til tomorrow to open presents and cards. I am excited!

Tonight we went to the comedy club at the union. We've been once before, and there was a chap doing a set called Jim Smallman - I loved his material and I added him on Facebook upon getting home. As it turns out, he was invited back to the comedy club by popular demand tonight, and so we went to see him again.

He started out by saying hi to me, so I said hi to him, and then he told the audience that we were friends on Facebook and that it was my birthday tomorrow. He then proceeded to get them to sing happy birthday to me (which was awesome) and came back and talked to me two or three times during the set. It was a great night, and at the end he told me he'd whack a couple of bootlegs of his performances on a DVD and send it to me, which is most definitely made of win.

I also got an awesome decoration for my wall off him, but you guys are probably going to have to see that one to believe it - I'll try to upload a photograph of me next to it tomorrow. :D
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So, at the moment, Wetherspoon pubs are doing their beer festival, with 50 beers and a few craft ciders to try over the fortnight that it's running. Since our local Wetherspoon was also the local CAMRA branch's Pub of the Year last year, it's a nice cheap place to have a good pint, and my Dad and myself went to try some beer last night. I write up the results of this little journey now.

Thwaites Brewery, Lancashire: Nutty Black - AN (A very good mild, eminently drinkable.)
Hall & Woodhouse Brewery, Dorset: Toad's Croak - AN/SO
Highgate Brewery, West Midlands: Red Rogue - AN
Mordue Brewery of Newcastle-upon-Tyne: Autumn Tyne - AN/SO
Browar Namyslow, Poland: Namyslow Original Plum Beer - SO (A bit sweet but still very nice!)
O'Hanlon's Brewery, Devon: Goldblade - BD/SO
Greene King Brewery, Suffolk: Bonkers Conkers - SO/AN
Everards Brewery, Leicestershire: Equinox - AN (It's an Everards beer. 'nuff said.)
Hilden Brewery of County Antrim, Northern Ireland: Hilden Molly's Stout - BD (I don't like stout. I tried it anyway but it still wasn't brilliant.)
Caledonian Brewery of Edinburgh: Smokey Pete - SO
Brains Brewery of Cardiff: Top Notch - BD/SO
Exmoor Brewery, Somerset: Wild Cat - AN
Woodeforde's Brewery, Norfolk: Norfolk Nog - AN
Barons Brewery, Australia: Black Wattle Original Ale - AN
Robinson's Brewery, Cheshire: Old Tom Chocolate Ale - SO
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I am currently in Hall i' th' Wood, where [ profile] supermouse and [ profile] da_pol are looking after me. Mouse just cooked venison sausages, wild boar sausages and pork & black pudding sausages. It was very good. :D We are currently playing Zombies!!! and Mouse has now got a Wii with Zelda and Wii Fit.

Yesterday was good. Mouse met me off the train and took me for yummy fried breakfast (involving beans and tomatoes and black pudding and nom nom nom) before we went to the butcher/greengrocer and bought various bits and bobs for eating. Eventually we moved into Manchester, accompanied by Pol, and went to the Arndale Centre to go to the Apple Store so that I could use the new MacBook and MacBook Pro. Forgot to use the new iPod Nano, but c'est la vie.

After that we went to CEX where a Wii was obtained and Pol left me and Mouse to explore Manchester on our own. We went on a big Ferris Wheel thing before eating at a gorgeous Asian restaurant near the Cathedral called Tampopo, which also has branches in Leeds, London and Bristol. It was very nice! We then went to see a film called Eagle Eye at the IMAX at the Odeon, which was a very good film in Large-O-Vision. I <3 Shia LaBeouf. (Also it is one of the best films I've seen in a while when it comes to strong female characters - there are two Federal agents, and one is male, the other female. There are two fugitives - one is male, the other female. There are two strong players in the US military - one is male, the other female. However, most of the background cast are male and the film still fails the Bechdel test - Mouse and I had a long discussion about this last night. Way better than Dark Knight in terms of patriarchy, though!)

Zombies!!! just finished and I'm off to play Castle Wars. TTFN, chaps!
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I went to see Andy Hamilton live this evening, and he was terrific - really funny bloke, did some nifty stuff and had me in stitches at points. After the interval he answered questions that people had written and left on the edge of the stage, and Cardinal Cox (a Peterborough fan, for those who don't know) asked if he'd mind relaying some memories of the late Geoffrey Perkins.

Hamilton replied by saying that he was a "lovely man" and told the audience that Geoffrey was the producer that encouraged his writing, when he was starting out, and then shared a rather nifty anecdote. They went on a roleplay day, arranged by the BBC, in which the staff had to confront their weaknesses, and Geoffrey's weakness was, apparently, bearing bad news - it was felt he needed to be firmer. They did a roleplay with a woman who was £3,000 over budget on her show, and apparently, after three minutes in the roleplay, Geoffrey was offering to pay her deficit out of his own money!

Just a nice anecdote I thought I would share with the flist - it will probably also make it into MH once I've e-mailed it to Carrie.

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