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Just a quick note to apologise to those of you who commented on my offer of 2-for-1 tickets to Hitchcon – I have a ticket, so I don't need to utilise the offer. However, [ profile] viclet is looking for someone to do the offer with, so go comment on her journal if you'd like to do so. :)
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If anyone has any summer dates they'd like to let me know about that haven't been put on Facebook, could they please let me know?
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I've just applied for four tickets to see a 'non-broadcast try-out night' of Laurence & Gus: Hearts and Minds, which was really funny last time it was on Radio 4. It's on June 1st at 7pm at the Drill Hall, and I have some spare tickets - comment if you would like to come along, first come first served.

And now, into uni, to do some condensed matter physics revision and brush up on Fourier series.
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The Eighth Douglas Adams Memorial Lecture is being given by Marcus du Sautoy this year, on the number '42'. Since this is the first one that's sounded even vaguely interesting since I've been old enough to trek into London for the lecture, I was wondering who else on my flist was considering going. Tickets are £15, I believe.


Apr. 21st, 2009 12:21 pm
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I've been invited to no less than six birthday parties in the first two weekends of May. What is it with you people and birthdays?! The first weekend is easy to decide, since I've already said I'll go to one of the parties (sorry, [ profile] frandowdsofa, but she got there first). The second weekend, not so easy - I've got to choose between [ profile] cdave, [ profile] nina, and [ profile] jamesb 'n' [ profile] stefzilla in a weekend I ought to be revising anyway!

I am currently beavering away on an LX con report and a report of the weekend just gone, expect them to materialise on LJ at some point.
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People should come to Peterborough for the beer festival. It's the largest in the country outside of the really big Great British Beer Festival in London, and it's great. I will be in attendance every day (probably in varying states of sobriety...) and it ought to be fun. Having said that, if you don't like real ale and insist on drinking piss-coloured carbonated water, it might not be for you. But yeah, if you want to come, drop me a line and we'll arrange something - it would be cool to see people this holiday!
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Applied for some free tickets to a sitcom called Hut 33, which is described thusly:

"Set in Bletchley Park, during WWII, Hut 33 focuses on three code-breakers forced to share a draughty wooden hut as they try to break German ciphers. Unfortunately, they hate one another." Starring Robert Bathurst, Tom Goodman-Hill, Olivia Colman, Alex MacQueen, Lill Roughley and Fergus Craig.

The episode that I got tickets for is being recorded at the Radio Theatre in Broadcasting House (so Oxford Circus tube station) and is being recorded on Monday 31st March at 19:15. Anyone up for it? I have two tickets to give away to lucky readers. If there's loads of people want to come (hmm...) I'll decide by an arbitrary measure.

EDIT: I'm probably going to draw names from a hat (or assign everyone a number and use a deck of cards, or something else) on Thursday morning so y'all have til then to say you want to come, and [ profile] hawkida will also be in attendance.
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I booked two tickets (me and a uni friend) to go see Jonathan Coulton in Camden, and I talked to [ profile] hawkida today and she's going too! I just need confirmation from [ profile] despotliz about something to do with the roomshare at Orbital and then I'm set to book train tickets down to London for the Easter period. The JoCo gig invites the following poll:

[Poll #1148785]


Feb. 13th, 2008 10:23 pm
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[Poll #1138064]
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My mum rang me today and we talked about California, and as such, I'm going to do a blog entry about it because I am excited about going! We're staying at the Magic Castle Hotel in Los Angeles, first. The hotel is associated with The Magic Castle - the most famous club for magicians in the world, and we get to go to brunch and see three magicians doing their stuff. It's one hell of a brunch, and the magicians are some of the best in their fields, so I'm looking forward to that. The hotel is also associated with a restaurant called Yamashiro which serves some very nice Japanese food. There's a panoramic tour on the site that requires QuickTime 5+ but which I heavily recommend. :)

After LA, we're heading up the coast to San Francisco, and staying at a hotel called The Madonna Inn on the way up. Check out the Caveman room in particular, but the Safari room is also pretty cool. We're in one of the tamer (cheaper) rooms, but it'll still be awesome...if nothing else purely for the steak house (check it out, it's awesome). We're also staying in Monterey before reaching San Francisco, and then we're heading to Las Vegas via Yosemite and Death Valley (no hotels for any of those places yet, so no links).

When we get to Las Vegas we're staying in the Monte Carlo hotel, and we're doing some cool stuff like, for instance, seeing KA, the Cirque du Soleil show resident at the MGM Grand nearby. I think there may also be some Grand Canyon involved. After Las Vegas, we're heading out to San Diego, and Humphrey's Half-Moon Inn - we're hoping that someone cool will be playing there. There will undoubtedly be lots of San Diego goodness whilst we're there.

Are there any people living in the Golden State or Las Vegas that could give me any recommendations for fannish stuff to do over there? Recommendations for cool shops would be especially good, but any fannish events might be cool to visit too! :)


Dec. 21st, 2007 11:49 pm
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Everyone else is posting their itineraries for Christmas and I felt left out. Thus, mine is the following:

Friday 21st: Work.
Saturday 22nd: Work.
Sunday 23rd: Work, with something happening at the pub in the evening.
Monday 24th: Family, getting some work done for uni and eating Chinese food in the evening.
Tuesday 25th: Eating lots and lots of turkey, excitedly unwrapping presents.
Wednesday 26th: Pantomime, walk in the woods, more excellent food.
Thursday 27th: Work, with a school reunion/get-together at a different (but similarly good) pub in the evening.
Friday 28th: Breakfast (yes, it does mean a day off work - I breakfast with intent).
Saturday 29th: Work.
Sunday 30th: Work.
Monday 31st: New Year's Eve - Indian or Chinese food followed by drinking and board games with the family.
Tuesday 1st: Work.

I can't afford to travel outside of Peterborough and I need to be earning money, coupled with the fact that work really need all the help they can get during the Christmas period - it's the busiest of the year. (This does mean that I won't be in Croydon on Sunday... Sorry [ profile] jamesb!)


Aug. 26th, 2007 02:08 pm
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Right, so, I am taking a day off work on Thursday 6th September and will be going into London on either the 10:08 or 10:18 train, arriving at London King's Cross at either 11:10 or 11:13. I'm aiming to spend a day wandering about, ably assisted by the ever-great James [ profile] jamesb and will then be heading down to the Ton afterwards to distribute Procrastinations Four before heading off home again, probably on the 23:30 train out of London King's Cross (meaning that I'll be leaving the Ton at 23:00 in order to catch the Tube back to the station).

If there's anyone else who wants some Coxon magic in teh capital that day, just holler.
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Paging Christians going to Eastercon:

I will mostly be going to the 08:00 BCP Eucharist (yeah! Book of Common Prayer! Old language and other awesome stuff like that!) at Chester Cathedral on Easter Sunday, what's everybody else doing? I may be persuaded to change if nobody else is going to that one.
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Anybody who is going to be free and in Nottingham this Friday afternoon (sort of after three o'clock ish), be warned that I will be in the city and not doing terribly much at the same time. This is because I will be looking around the University of Nottingham to see how good they look at being for Physics and Astronomy (and perhaps Mathematical Sciences, if I have enough time to see that too). I am amiable to company from any and all people who might meet these criteria. :) Anybody who would like to meet up, please comment or e-mail me.

On the subject of uni, I went to have a look around Manchester with Jess, on Saturday. I really, really liked the look of the Physics course - you get 10 hours of lectures, 5 hours of laboratory work, 2 hours of workshop classes (15-20 students sitting down with a tutor and two or three postgrads) and 2 hours of tutorials (four students sitting down with a tutor) each week, which sounds quite cool, although I have no frame of reference. The core subjects taught all look wicked, the first two courses you do are in Quantum Mechanics and Relativity, so it's not mundane stuff by any means, and if you choose the more Astrophysics-related options (as I will) you get to take control of a 15m radio telescope at Jodrell Bank to poke around and see what you can find in the sky. I am looking forward to seeing Nottingham, as I hope it will tell me something about how good the amount of time spent learning is in relation to other unis - however, Manchester was rated 24/24 for teaching in Physics and 5/5* in research in Physics, one of only five UK unis to have achieved that feat (the others are Durham, Leeds, Liverpool and Warwick). It was also a lot more interesting than Cambridge. And their typical offer is AAA-ABB, which I think I can achieve.

The halls of residence I saw are about ten minutes' cycle from the main campus, about five minutes' cycle from the train station and about ten minutes' cycle from the city centre, and it has both a city SF group and a uni SF group, both of which had their main pages updated in March of this year (it is amazing how many SF groups seem to have died since 2000, and Leeds doesn't appear to even have an SF group - there is no trace of a website anywhere online).

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