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I've just applied for four tickets to see a 'non-broadcast try-out night' of Laurence & Gus: Hearts and Minds, which was really funny last time it was on Radio 4. It's on June 1st at 7pm at the Drill Hall, and I have some spare tickets - comment if you would like to come along, first come first served.

And now, into uni, to do some condensed matter physics revision and brush up on Fourier series.


Jun. 24th, 2008 03:16 am
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"Anyway, never mind the price of oil, have you seen that lemons are now twenty-eight pence each? I'm having to squirt washing up liquid in my gin and tonic!" - Sandi Toksvig, The News Quiz, 13th June 2008.
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From last week's News Quiz, as Carrie Quinlan described something she'd overheard at The Bodleian Library:

American Tourist: "This place is amazing, is it pre-war?"
Porter: "[in a very English accent] Ah, madam, this place is pre-America."

Radio 2

May. 4th, 2008 10:20 am
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omg! On BBC Radio 2 tomorrow Richard Hammond is doing Tel's slot. I am totally tuning into that.

/me packs my radio for [ profile] frandowdsofa's house.

BBC Radio 2 >>> BBC Radio 1

Oh, Fuck

Apr. 25th, 2008 11:11 pm
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Humphrey Lyttelton has died. Currently, the BBC Radio 4 page is displaying only his image, and a link to that page - I think that's a nice touch for someone who presented I'm Sorry, I Haven't A Clue for so long. I am glad I got to see him present the show before this happened.

Radio 4

Apr. 17th, 2008 01:45 pm
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Yesterday, [ profile] hawkida, [ profile] mokatiki and [ profile] snowking accompanied me to the Shaw Theatre in London to see The Unbelievable Truth being recorded. David Mitchell chaired, and on the panel were Phill Jupitus, Tony Hawks, Alan Davies and someone whose name eludes me but who has been on The News Quiz. It was funny, and I recommend tuning in when it comes onto the radio.
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Today, I have eaten a custard tart for breakfast (after getting up and stuff), read LiveJournal, sent messages to the people I needed to send messages to, called my brother a twat three times before lunch (he did call me sir afterwards, that mollified me a bit) and tried to decide whether to watch Doctor Who, BSG or Equilibrium first. Then, after I've decided which to watch first, I'll watch the other two and I might even (whisper it) get some degree work done.

I am also realising rapidly that life is good, the world is good, my friends are great and I am made of the proverbial awesome. This is a viewpoint I hope will last until the exam period.

Also, I have two spare tickets to go see The Unbelievable Truth on 16th April (so, er, Wednesday, sorry about the late notice) - [ profile] hawkida and I will be attending and anyone who'd be interested in going should comment ASAP - as in last time, winners of the random draw-o-matic will be notified by e-mail (probably tonight, since it is quite late notice). We'd be meeting on Euston Road at 18:00 (Max and I will be slightly earlier because that's how we roll).

For those who don't know about the radio show, here's the blurb from the ticket (and if it doesn't sound all that good you can trust me - I've heard it before and either the episode I heard was unusually brilliant or the show's a pretty damn good one): "The new panel game where four comedians tell lies and compete against each other to see how many unlikely truths they can smuggle past their opponeents. With chairman David Mitchell, series panellists include Alan Davies, Jo Brand, Phill Jupitus, Tony Hawks etc."


Apr. 7th, 2008 01:56 am
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Further to my last post, you should all go listen to Banter on the BBC Radio 4 website. It's the Best Thing In The Universe, Ever and has a They Might Be Giants track for a theme tune.

Radio Times

Apr. 6th, 2008 03:57 pm
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From the Radio Times' Radio listings for Thursday 3rd April, in reference to Banter (started on Thursday just gone): "Compiling list of 'top' anythings is a man thing." They use, as example, the fact that there's only one female on a panel of five... I can recount numerous times that this has happened on Have I Got News For You, does that mean that satire is a man thing as well? It seems a very odd thing to claim.
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Applied for some free tickets to a sitcom called Hut 33, which is described thusly:

"Set in Bletchley Park, during WWII, Hut 33 focuses on three code-breakers forced to share a draughty wooden hut as they try to break German ciphers. Unfortunately, they hate one another." Starring Robert Bathurst, Tom Goodman-Hill, Olivia Colman, Alex MacQueen, Lill Roughley and Fergus Craig.

The episode that I got tickets for is being recorded at the Radio Theatre in Broadcasting House (so Oxford Circus tube station) and is being recorded on Monday 31st March at 19:15. Anyone up for it? I have two tickets to give away to lucky readers. If there's loads of people want to come (hmm...) I'll decide by an arbitrary measure.

EDIT: I'm probably going to draw names from a hat (or assign everyone a number and use a deck of cards, or something else) on Thursday morning so y'all have til then to say you want to come, and [ profile] hawkida will also be in attendance.
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I've been listening to some more Radio 4 comedy since this post and I've got some more recommendations for stuff to listen to and avoid. Pick Ups is a comedy about taxis which has ended, and wasn't really brilliant - it was pleasant to listen to, but I only laughed out loud a couple of times each episode. I've also been listening to two sketch shows, the first of which is The Lawrence Sweeney Mix. The audience yell ideas for improvised sketches, and they perform them, amongst other things. It's funny, but it's not sidesplittingly funny.

However, I've also been listening to the fantastic Lawrence and Gus: Hearts and Minds which is being broadcast on Tuesdays at 23:00. I listened to the first episode on the train from Leicester to Peterborough last night, and it had me laughing out loud (whilst simultaneously scaring other passengers, hehe) a lot. Definitely worth a listen.

Also been listening to Just a Minute and The News Quiz, but neither needs me to recommend them.

EDIT: Just a note to say that the really very good Museum of Curiosity will be broadcast for the first time on Wednesday afternoon at 18:30 on BBC Radio 4. I blogged about it here, for your pleasure, and recommend tuning in! :)
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As I have briefly mentioned before, I have been to a couple of recordings of a new BBC Radio 4 show entitled The Musuem of Curiosity. The premise is an interesting one - use the medium to create an imaginary museum into which anything can be placed, from the actual to the conceptual. Make John Lloyd (he of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Blackadder and QI) the host and make Bill Bailey the curator of the museum. Invite three guests each week to talk about themselves for around twenty minutes each before asking them which three items they would like to place in the museum.

Bill Bailey helps lend an air of humour to proceedings, but generally speaking the show is more interesting than funny, although the first episode to be recorded (which I attended and have a feeling will go out mid-series, rather than first) was not as good as the third to be recorded - the first was very dry and so although interesting, not terribly entertaining. The third got the mixture right.

However, the coolest thing about the third recording is that one of the guests was Ben Elton. That means I've been in the same room as Ben Elton, that does. I recommend tuning into the series when it finally hits BBC Radio 4, as it's got potential and I'd like to see it carry on for a while.

Oh, and Bill Bailey is brilliant. Just so you all know.

Radio 4

Jan. 12th, 2008 01:47 pm
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Just a tip to people: Bleak Expectations and Down The Line are not funny. Don't bother.
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If anybody reading this is a fan of Pratchett, then his novel, Small Gods has been dramatised and is being put on Radio 4 over the next three weeks or so. The Radio 4 page, from which you may download listen to it, is here.

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