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I don't know who will have seen this already, but this is a short (2:42) video demonstrating the neatest piece of software slated for release on the iPhone when 2.0 comes out. Well worth a watch... I uploaded it to YouTube:

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I connected my new K800i to my Mac and managed to get it to talk to it as a modem, but it'd only connect to Is there anyone on my flist that can suggest ways to get it to connect to other sites? Is it a limitation on my PAYG SIM card, and if so, is there a different set of settings I can use? Do the settings on the phone and the settings on the Mac need to be the same?
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A survey of iPhone users says, "1 out of 10 users reported "hand pain" after use." [ profile] johnnyeponymous, does this remind you of any fanzine articles you may have read? :P
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So, the iPhone. It's shiny, and you may remember that I was considering buying one a while ago. Well, since then, I have got a new phone! I had a Samsung D500 that was around two and a half years old and now I have...wait for it... A Nokia 3410 that's around six years old. So, obviously, I'm in the market for a new phone. The new iPhone announcements (native apps coming in Juneish, Exchange support, etc) are nice, but I want three things to happen before I buy one:
  • The size needs to go up to at least 32GB. Since it has been raised twice since they launched in the US, I'm optimistic that this is not wishful thinking.
  • Native apps need to turn out to be a success. Apple has just informed the vast majority of people who applied for the $99 certificate that they're going to have to wait to be accepted onto the program. If this is just a way of limiting the initial period to a more manageable number of developers to try and iron bugs/flaws in the way they're doing this out, that is fine. If it's going to be like the number of developers allowed to code games on iPod, then that's not fine. I don't want to jailbreak my iPhone.
  • I need to win at least £2000 on a scratchcard or the lottery or something. :)
In other news, I now have Microsoft Office:Mac 2008, so going to install that now.
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This is a link to the iTunes Store. It links to the recording made at the 2007 D5 conference of the joint interview that featured both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, and it's a very good interview indeed. It's available in both audio and video versions, and I just found it interesting.
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From the ever-brilliant BBC technology blogs: "It looks like the iPhone could give mobile gaming a much needed boost and provide Nokia's N-Gage some real competition." Yes, I'm sure that's Apple's intended rival...

I should blog about the phone's new bits: essentially, Apple are putting ActiveSync in, making the iPhone a viable business phone at last. They're also releasing an SDK for developers to write true apps - although a free application will be free to put up, anyone who wants to code and release programs onto the phone has to pay a $99 one-off fee, and 30% of profit made by charging for apps goes to Apple. This means that the smaller, less commercial developers (say, for instance, all the developers currently running homebrew apps on the iPhone through the hacks released) aren't really going to have much incentive to publish through iTunes and are going to carry on releasing through the hacks. We shall see how this works out for Apple. ETA: And I agree with [ profile] bohemiancoast that it will probably be OK for them. lol!

Oh, and the above quote was triggered by the fact that EA have already announced they're porting Spore to the platform (and have constructed a working demo in less than two weeks, which is damn impressive) and SEGA have annoucned that they're planning to code for the platform, and are bringing Super Monkey Ball to it initially. To be honest, this sounds like the iPhone could be pretty damn impressive from a gamer's perspective, what with the accelerometer and all. We shall see - but to be honest, if the gaming side of things doesn't work, Apple have hardly sold it on that basis, so it's not going to hurt their business strategy in a major way. Although I'm sure it'd be better if they could sell lots of games.

Also amusing to note is that RIM and Palm share prices both dropped during the iPhone SDK announcement. And, finally, in Soviet Russia, phone calls make you!
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It doesn't have Firewire, Ethernet, a line-in 3.5mm socket or more than one USB port, and doesn't have the option to carry a drive larger than 80GB, which is why I'm not fussed about it. I prefer my MacBook. :) Also, where was the confirmation of a 3G iPhone? At least the Apple TV appears to have been upgraded (and then some) to a point where they might actually sell a three-digit number!

All in all, a disappointing keynote, although I still want to see a video...hurry up and post it, Apple!

(Oh, in other news, I'm at uni, and I'm alive, and I think I passed my exam. A bigger update may appear this weekend.)
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My iPod's hard drive stopped working optimally on 23rd December, so I went onto the Apple website and asked them to repair it. On 27th December, a package came from UPS with instructions on how to send my iPod to Apple that involved ringing UPS. I rang them and they came round that afternoon to pick it up and send it back. I just received a brand new iPod from UPS, and it's now happily synchronising with iTunes. All in all it took about ten days.

Just wanted to write that down. LaCie took three and a half weeks!

And now back to bed, for I am a student.


Dec. 12th, 2007 02:13 am
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Today, I took the plunge and let my MacBook reformat my iPod into the Mac file format, so that it could do stuff like update the firmware. It seems to have gone very well, and a pleasant change to the firmware was the introduction of a progress bar once you've ejected - previously, the iPod would hang on the 'Ejecting' screen for about ten seconds and then load the interface, but now there's a handy little bar to let you know that it's supposed to be happening and everything's alright.

In other news, I have four workshops left and I've finished for the term! I've also got a lab report to write by Friday, but we won't talk about that.

Sudoku for the iPod (yes, really) is actually rather good - certainly extremely addictive, and vastly reducing the need for paper and pencils and all those other things that one usually has to use. There's a 'newspaper mode' which allows one to type the numbers from a paper into a grid and then solve it on one's iPod, which I, personally, find rather neat.

There's also a game called Pulse by the same people that did Guitar Hero, Guitar Hero II and Rock Band that actually uses the music in your iTunes library, which sounds neat, but at the same time, I've still not completed Donkey Konga...

Anyway, it's a 09:00 start tomorrow, so bedtime now. Hope everyone's well!
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Last Saturday, I received, in the mail, an iPod Classic (or an iPod 6G), which I have named Arthur. I haven't really blogged in any great detail about this, so I wanted to write a review based on my experiences thus far. I'll tackle each entry on the menu in order (except for Photos, because I have none), and then I'll come back to the other stuff, like the design, the interface, iTunes and other things like that. Just bear in mind that I have no experience with the iPod 5G or 5.5G and so I will be making any comparisons in terms of the experience with the iPod 4G (the last monochrome iPod) firmware. And now, with no further ado, here's a review.

Music )

Overall, Music is still a good feature, and the new features enhance it, but there are still improvements to be made to the firmware.

Video )

In the end, videos are perfectly watchable on the iPod, and the movies work better in a list than audiobooks ever will. I have no trouble with the iPod's Video feature.


With essentially the same setup as TV Shows, there's not much to report on here - it's been moved out of Music, presumably because of the new fashion for video podcasting. I haven't found anything I can quibble about in this section.

Extras )

So, the alarms are good if they work, Vortex is rubbish, iPod Quiz is good and Klondike is addictive.

All the Rest

So, the design itself is the best Apple's come up with for an iPod yet. It's not plastic, for a start, meaning it doesn't feel cheap and tacky like some previous models have done. It also means that it's less easily scratched. The interface itself is still as good as it was when all this first started off. iTunes is still iTunes, and you can form your own opinion on that - it's like Marmite, and I'm not going to argue.

So, that's my review, and I'm off to bed. G'night!


Nov. 20th, 2007 12:41 am
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Max [ profile] hawkida came to visit on the weekend of the 27th/28th October, and a day of zombie films promptly ensued. I surprised myself quite a lot by really enjoying all of them, and we went to Bella Italia, which is clearly a great thing to do. I also made her a breakfast omelette on the Sunday morning, which was made of pure awesome (no, seriously. I can cook at a basic level, but my omelettes are genius. Ask science). More details about the day can be found on Terror4Fun, as well as more details about the people who run the stuff.

The weekend after that, we had a Saw marathon.

Now, for those people who haven't known me for all that long won't be aware of this, but when I was around fourteen or fifteen I had a massive thing about bodily fluids, particularly blood. I'd feel faint at the mention of the stuff, and some Biology lessons provided serious problems for me. However, I managed to get myself into therapy (yay for NHS psychiatric nurses - my mother was one, my brother is one) and, over a period of time, I became much more comfortable around the stuff. It is a matter of huge pride to me to be able to say that I can now watch gory films without feeling faint as a result. Anyway, back to the story.

The weekend after that, we had a Saw marathon. I'd never seen any of the films, and, rather naïvely, I thought they were just gory rubbish. I've now seen all of the films except for the second half of Saw III, and I can confirm that they're all extremely good films, and they all have very clever twists at the end, none of which I saw coming. I'd really recommend them to anyone who's not squeamish. Anyway, Josh, Claire, Gramps and I sat through the films, and we really enjoyed them (and it took me until ten minutes after leaving the cinema to realise just how big the twist at the end of Saw IV actually is. Seriously twisted stuff).

This all happened on the Friday, because the Saturday was the day that I went to see my half-brother David in Norwich! We met up with him at his house after getting a taxi from the station, and then we headed into the city to eat at a very nice Mexican restaurant before heading to the Playhouse to see Adam Hills live. The man's a genius, and I am so glad I finally got to see him perform! :D

And, finally, last weekend David came over for the Thursday and Friday nights before we went over to Peterborough and I stayed the Saturday night. I finally had a curry in the Indian quarter of Leicester which was possibly one of the best meals I've ever had, and I am indubitably intending to head back that way as soon as I can possibly justify it.

In terms of everyday life, the work at uni is going well and so is the social life - the physicists I've got to know have dedicated Friday to being 'Subway and shake' day - we have a Subway, and then go to the milkshake shop for a milkshake. It's genius. I finally got my new iPod, which I've christened Arthur - thankfully, the iTrip still works with the new Classic and so I'm currently listening to the Hyrule Field theme from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time through my stereo system. My MacBook situation is a bit odd, and it's a long story, but essentially, I should have it in around a fortnight if all goes to plan... [crosses fingers]

Finally, it may interest you all to know that I've purchased the Eagles box set, which means I now own every Eagles album ever released, and also means that the number of versions of Hotel California I have on my iPod has been raised to five. Me? Obsessed? Perish the proverbial thought.
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I has an iPod.
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I'd never heard of Paul Thurrott before today, but I've just read his review of OS X Leopard. He says he fully expects to be slammed by Mac fans over it, and that's because some of the stuff he claims is patently untrue!

For instance, he says, "since Leopard, like all previous Mac OS X releases, excludes certain classes of Macs from its compatibility list, some users will simply need new hardware. This is another area where Apple is far more aggressive than Microsoft, and it leads to more technically advanced but less compatible system. Thus far, Apple's users have been openly supportive of this policy, opening their wallets every time the company announced a new product."

Er, try getting Windows Vista to run on a PC that's five years old, you freak. OS X Leopard can do it, but Vista can't, so how can you justify telling us that Apple is, on this front, "far more aggressive than Microsoft"? You can't. I mean, most of it is fairly reasonable logic, but it was that statement that ruined the article, since he's either a) stupid or b) biased, rendering the whole document (clocking in at twelve pages A4) irrelevant and unimportant.

Also on the subject of Apple, for those of you old enough to remember the Newton, there's a nifty iPhone mod here that makes the iPhone look more similar to a Newton. I liked it - it's very cool.

In news entirely unrelated, I played a video game called Portal today, by the chaps over at Valve (and if you've never heard of Half-Life, then I have to wonder how you managed to ever connect to the Internet). It's great in that the Physics engine is absolutely out of this world - there is absolutely no way I can properly describe how it works, but you know when you look in a mirror, and there's a mirror behind you, and you're reflected unto infinity? This game can display that in real-time, and you can create an infinite loop where you simply fall and fall and fall through the same space repeatedly. It's an exceptionally clever concept, it's intuitive yet difficult to master, and I am so getting The Orange Box to play on my Mac (God bless dual-boot machines).

It's also a game where, in order to incite the character to play, you're told you'll get cake when you've completed the tasks. That's clearly genius.
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So, firstly, the degree. In all the work I've handed in, in only one unit of Maths and in the Labs module (Labs make Baby Jesus cry, btw) have I achieved below a first-class mark, about which I am extremely happy. [touches wood] Max [ profile] hawkida has posted a video of me technobabbling at her, which honestly isn't that impressive, since it's just the first three weeks of an undergraduate degree and anyone who's done Physics to A-level probably knows most of what I'm talking about anyway...

Speaking of which, Max came to Leicester to see me this weekend! It was very fun - we went into Leicester from the train station initially to do some low-level shop browsing (essentially, I went to HMV to ask a question and to KRCS to buy a software suite for the MacBook that's currently in Apple's 'orders yet to ship' list. Max went to Primark). After that, we went to see some zombie films at Day of the Undead - it was very, very good fun. We bumped into Simo, who was in attendance for the first couple of films, and said hello. Max and I saw the first and last films, skipping Versus in order to go and grab a bite to eat at Bella Italia, which was great. The films themselves, well, I'm not really an expert on these things, but I did like the zombie cows from the Irish film Dead Meat and the genius quote, "I kick ass in the name of the Lord!" which came from Peter Jackson's Braindead (which had some really funny bits).

Then we went back to my room, and I showed Max my TARDIS, and then we went to bed and woke up and went to Asda before coming back to cook brunch, which was in the shape of an omelette each. Not just any omelette though - these had mushroom, bacon, sausage, black pudding and cheese, and they were three eggs each (because I forgot I already had six eggs, and thus bought six more...). As a result, I now have a full freezer (partly because I froze the leftover bacon and a pack of sausages, mostly because I got to the 'Reduced to Clear' section just as they were filling it up and managed to acquire several extremely cheap ready-made things for days when I forget to go to dinner and end up being hungry).

Then we went into town, and Max had some trouble with trains, which is detailed on her journal, and I won't bother to document it. After Max had finally managed to stick two fingers up at Leicester public transport and actually manage to use it (I swear the city council here have designed the transportation system to put people off...) I headed to the pub just up the road from the station, where I met Gramps, his girlfriend and my girlfriend, Claire (!) and we had a couple of pints together whilst talking happy amounts of toot about anything that crossed our happy little minds. (Arsenal drew with Liverpool, if anyone's wondering.)

After that, Claire and I went back to hers, and watched an episode of Green Wing before sort of falling asleep on her bed and deciding we really should be going to bed. And, as such, I am updating LiveJournal. I have a fuckload of work to do tomorrow afternoon if I want to go out on Tuesday night... two units of first-year Maths, one unit of second-year Maths and one unit of Physics. At least it's dynamics, and not electromagnetism, which is made of fail (although I remain fairly confident that I got most of the questions right when I handed them in last week, it's just such a difficult topic compared to, well, the rest of Physics generally. Although I'm quite happy that my tutor is teaching one of the modules I'm taking next semester, because it'll be much easier to follow with the lecturer helping out...! Also, he hadn't done electromagnetism in a while when we asked him questions, which makes us hopeful that some branches of astrophysics won't have any electromagnetism in them).

But life, as they say, is good. I am going to be seeing two of my brothers next weekend when I go to Norwich, The Long Road Out of Eden is finally released tomorrow (I ain't getting the special edition that's released a fortnight later, as I've got the two songs that are added onto the special edition already through The Complete Greatest Hits, so the incentive to wait a fortnight is, at best, slim) and my new MacBook and iPod should be arriving either this week or the next. Oh, and I have a girlfriend, it would appear.

Win! :D

How Long

Oct. 25th, 2007 08:33 am
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It's an Eagles music video. Guess how much I'm squeeing. No, go on, guess.

In other news, I has a TARDIS USB hub.


Oct. 21st, 2007 04:30 pm
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TUAW, The Unofficial Apple Weblog, just posted a link to the original promotional video for the iPod, released way back in 2001 (I was twelve, fact fans). It contains some genius lines, such as some musician called Seal saying, "Everyone's gonna want to have one of these," and Jonathan Ive saying, "[Our goal was] to design something that could become an icon... we'll see whether that's the case or not."

It's strange how prophetic the video is, in some ways, although the 'super-thin' 5GB hard drive looks laughable now and the FireWire connection died a death a long time ago. The blog post is here.
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I don't think I need to tell you guys how excited I am that I just pre-ordered the new Eagles album through, who are the the people that the Eagles linked to on their MySpace blog. It comes on 29th October, and it's great, because I've used a gift certificate on the purchase and don't have to worry about making sure I've got enough money in my account to perform a debit card transaction.

This brings me onto a question - it's being released by Universal Music Group on copy-protected CD. Has anyone got any experience with ripping CDs that feature copy-protection, especially Universal CDs?


Aug. 22nd, 2007 01:09 am
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OK, so, this morning, my phone's battery had run down. "No problem," said I, "I'll charge it at work before the beer festival." It wouldn't work in any of the sockets, even sockets which other electrical applicances were using fine. Then, I get home, try it with the charger that I'd tried at work, and it didn't work. I tried it with the car charger (running through an adaptor)Hey and it worked fine. The weird thing is that the same thing happened last time but the normal charger will resume working fine when the battery isn't run down, so here's my question:

Is there any difference in the electricity coming from a car's cigarette lighter and the electricity coming from a mains socket that would make this sort of thing happen? And if not, why is it happening?


Aug. 13th, 2007 04:59 pm
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EDIT: The phone is now working. I really need a charger.
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So, as some of you may have noticed, I've returned from Egypt, I got back on Friday. Since my last Egypt post, we did a bunch of stuff - more swimming and reading and watching TV during the really very swelteringly hot hours in the middle of the day but we also did a 'Stars and Dinner' excursion which was good - we went into the desert and saw some Bedouin tribespeople and ate some native food, as well as watching the sunset from a large hill and looking at the stars with a resident astronomer (and also three telescopes pointed at Jupiter and the moon and a star which I've forgotten). The day after that we did a glass-bottomed boat which was loads of fun and subsequently went snorkelling the day afterwards. It was good fun, and interspersed with this was things like buying perfume from some Greek bloke's mother's shop and also seeing the new Travis music video, Selfish Jean, in McDonald's (if you've not see it, go on YouTube and watch it now!).

Yesterday afternoon/evening/night was Hayley [ profile] quasi_hayley's birthday party, at which were Hayley, Liz [ profile] despotliz, Doug [ profile] dougs, Fran [ profile] frandowdsofa and John [ profile] johannes_d. Oh, and some LARPers and other such people who were also very cool - it was good to see fans, because, y'know, the gap between Teledu and Recombination is huge...

In other news, I now have an external hard drive on which resides my music collection, I updated my website with something closely approximating content, and other exciting things have happened. There are photos from my holiday in Egypt on Facebook, and there are also photos from my eighteenth birthday online there as well, theoretically (give it a few seconds).

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