Sep. 6th, 2009

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Blimey, it really has been longer than I thought between the last blog entry and this one. I am now back at home in Peterborough, having successfully holidayed my socks off and missed the beer festival. In order to try to make up for this I have had as much beer as I felt I could, and I now have a yearning to become better acquainted with two Cornish breweries that have caught my attention – one, Skinner's Brewery, based in Truro – does a brilliant honey beer called Ginger Tosser that we had a pint or two of at the Rashleigh Inn, in Polkerris.

We went to another garden the day after we'd been to Heligan and Polkerris. This time it was a Japanese garden in St. Mawgan, which was very pretty. My brother bought a book on Japanese gardens to read and some wall hangings for his bedroom (he's very much into Japanese culture, and art). It was a beautiful little garden, I got a really good photograph of my little brother (he's about half a foot taller than me, but hey) silhouetted against some of the scenery and it all went very well. We tried to have a look at the Bedruthan Steps that evening, but it was decided that the weather wasn't suited to that sort of behaviour. We visited a pub called the Miners Arms in St. Agnes that evening, which served rather nice chicken stuffed with apricot, and had a couple of rather nice waitresses that kept the eyes occupied, too...

The Wednesday was given over to visiting some old family friends who lived in Peterborough before emigrating down to Cornwall around nine years ago. We'd only seen them once since then, so it was really good to be able to sit and have a coffee with them and see how they were getting on. As it turns out, extremely well! They were conveniently on the way to Goonhilly, which was our next port of call – it's reasonably good, but I really feel that it's aimed a little too young. There's absolutely no reason why a museum can't successfully appeal to the younger members of a family without being very patronising, and the film and exhibits at Goonhilly didn't quite manage to pull it off, which was a shame because otherwise it was awesome. There was also a model of a Sinclair C5!

The FutureWorlds exhibition at Goonhilly has a room at the end where the party make predictions on certain things – when humanity will colonise other planets, when we'll achieve time travel, what will be obsolete by 2050, stuff like that – and the results were quite interesting, but I'm not going to upload the photographs tonight (and my observations on said photograph might be worth keeping over to another entry anyway). Goonhilly is in the same area of the world as the Ship Inn at Porthleven, which is a brilliant little pub that you can't make reservations at and serves very good food. I rather wished I'd had the chicken instead of the ribs, but it was all very tasty.

The Thursday saw us do random shopping and suchlike in the morning, and the evening saw a visit to the Minack Theatre, to see a production of Third Week in August. With the exception of the skies opening and us all getting absolutely soaked, this was rather a good day, and the jacket potatoes were good!

Yesterday was the day that I got to go around St. Austell's Brewery, which is very well-known and well-regarded, and I sampled some excellent beers. They also sell a rum, 125 Navy Rum, that is 125 proof (71.4% ABV), which I would love to have bought a small sample bottle of. Unfortunately, they have discontinued the small, £3 bottles and now only sell it by the big bottle, at a healthy cost of £30.04. This is a bit much for me to spend on rum, since I'm not the biggest fan, so I plumped for a bottle of Walter Hicks Dry Gin at just over £11 instead – of course, I also got six bottles of excellent St. Austell beer and one of their Cornish Rattler Cyder (which, I believe, is done in co-operation with The Cornish Cyder Farm). In the evening, we had Mexican food as a special treat – Peterborough has no Mexican restaurants, so it's not often I get to have it.

Today saw me and my half-brother Dave drive from Newquay to Peterborough, which was fun and left me extremely tired. As some of you might have seen me tweet, we had supper at a bit of a rubbish diner on the A45 just after Wellingborough (going east). The parents had visited before but Dad said it had been much better the last time they went, he suspects it's changed hands. I spent a happy hour catching up with my girlfriend on the telephone, typed this (I washed my face and suddenly felt much less tired) and now I'm about to head to bed. Good night, all!

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