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This is my Constitution con report. Constitution began with me having to run across Peterborough railway station to catch a train, then find a seat, then copy [ profile] aeglefinus' number out of my Mac and then ask a stranger to let me use his phone to text him. Rather surprisingly, it all came together and I made it to the convention in time for the opening ceremony, which was good!

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Right then. Firstly, I'll be writing and editing the newsletter at LX... I also plan to be spending some time on [ profile] zz9's table in the Dealers' Room and I want to gopher for an hour or two (probably on the Friday or Monday) if I get bored, but here are the seven panels you'll be able to see me on during the convention:


14:00: Fanzines 101
"Find out more about the mysteries of fanzines. Some current editors tell you how easy it is to publish within the fannish community." [Guess this means I really do have to write the seventh issue of Procrastinations in time for LX, then...]

17:00: SF, technology and games
"Almost every SF trend, from artificial intelligence to virtual reality, was embraced by the gaming industry first (or at least that's what some gamers like to think). But what has the gaming world really been like over these last few decades? How did it compare to what SF promised us it would be? Which are the noteworthy games in this regard, past and future? And where is the industry really heading to?"

21:00: Adapting comics for the big screen
"What makes a good adaptation of a comic book - faithfulness to the text, or willingness to change it for the screen? Can you film the unfilmable? What makes The Dark Knight so good, and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen so bad?" [I'd have several interesting things to say on this subject but given I'm moderating and there are some very loud people on the panel already, I reckon I'm going to spend most of my time desperately trying to maintain a pretence of control on a sinking ship... Ought to be a whole lot of fun!]


11:00: Twitter: Ego boosting, or information busting?
"Twitter has recently hit the news and is the latest internet fashion. Is it full of trivia, rubbish and egotistical nonsense, or is it a useful tool for collecting information and communicating? This panel takes a look at how Twitter is developing and it's potential impact on the Internet."

20:00: Couldn't I just waste him with my crossbow?
"What if books were more like games, with no need to take into account pesky things such as plot lines and narrative coherence? What alignment would Gandalf be? How many hit points does one give Sauron? Couldn't Bilbo just jump on Gollum's head? A humoristic look at how famous (and not so famous) works of fiction would have played out."


11:00: Conventions and breaking them, or lifting up your game!
"Does a role-playing group have to be fun with dice and pizzas, or running around the woods with a plastic sword? Can your game feel more like a literary masterpiece? A comic? A screenplay? Our panel discuss techniques and experiences from their own gaming groups."

12:30 Battlestar Galactica
"The much-praised show has come to an end. Did it live up to the promise of the early seasons, or lose its way in the end? How will it be remembered?" [Note to self: watch last three episodes of BSG before Easter.]
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The last time I updated this thing properly was Christmas. That's possibly a bit of a long time, since then it's just been 15 or so entries on not a lot, so I'm going to give you guys an update here.

I went to several comedy shows during the Leicester Comedy Festival - Jim Smallman, Tim Minchin, Ed Aczel, Ed Byrne. Minchin did his new show, which I believe is touring Australia at the moment before coming back to the UK later this year - see it if you can, it's got some really good songs in it (as anyone who saw my Twitter during the concert will already know!). Ed Byrne's set was also really, really good - it's coming back to Leicester later this year, so I assume it's still touring elsewhere in the UK. I recommend seeing it if you can, I really enjoyed it. Ed Aczel was weird (as I was expecting), and two or three people walked out of his show, but I was laughing so that was fine. And Jim Smallman is a comedian I've seen a few times, but his set was as funny as always.

Tonight was the Geek Quiz. I've just received a text telling me that my team didn't actually win (it went to tiebreak, but apparently an answer has been discovered to be inaccurate since the end of the evening so my team lost by two points), but it was a good evening. And we won the competition to get most kicker questions (really hard questions at the end of every round designed to sort the men from the boys).

What else has happened? Not a whole lot. Had a friend from home visit recently, and shortly afterwards I also went home - saw all my brothers which was awesome, and celebrated my grandparents' wedding anniversary. I've been doing uni as usual, and it's been going averagely. I'm now social secretary of the Game Society, and I was elected president on Monday, so I'll be president next year. We're having a twenty-four hour board gaming social in a fortnight's time which ought to be epic.

On the subject of Gamesoc, I've been playing more Warhammer 40,000 - I'm getting better, slowly but surely. I beat my friend Ash the other day, and I've won one lost two in the doubles tournament that's running (I confidently anticipate placing in the middle somewhere). We also played a 6000pts/side game of Imperial Guard vs Necrons, which was good fun. We Necrons won, but by the skin of our teeth!

I'm also now on the committee for LL3, which is absolutely definitely probably happening in summer 2010. Unfortunately, someone decided that during exams was the best time to hold a convention, so I can't go to Plokta, which is annoying. I also couldn't have gone to Redemption, even if I'd remembered it was happening, due to family commitments. I should be at Constitution this summer though, so I'll see some of you there. I'm also (obviously) still going to be at LX and Odyssey 2010.

Can't think of much else happening in my life. Didn't win the lottery tonight, that was a shame! I am now going to shower, buy peanut butter from the twenty-four hour Spar down the road, and hit the hay, as I'm up at something ridiculous like 07:00 tomorrow morning for Picocon. I plan to read Watchmen for the first time on the train, in anticipation of the film on Friday. See some of you there!
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So, I should blog about things, really, shouldn't I? First things first - my information on the ZZ9 EGM was based on an out-of-date webpage and the pub in which we will be spending the day unfortunately fails to have bar billiards, which is a damn shame, but I shall, I hope, survive.

Last weekend, on Sunday, we went to see the Cirque du Soleil perform Varekai, my fifth show. It was the most colourful I've seen yet, and some of the acrobatics were brilliant. BUT, the juggler could have been slightly more polished, but when he was good he was awesome. And also, there were no trapeze artists, which was a departure from the usual. However, the clowns were possibly the funniest I've seen since Saltimbanco or O and the show was generally extremely good - I suffered, as usual, from "my jaw is open and it won't close" syndrome. It was also my half-brother David's first Cirque show, so we were glad that he really enjoyed it. :)

The Monday last week, I went to see The Museum of Curiosity being recorded (yes, that's the third time) and had the absolute thrill of a panel with Sean Locke and Brian Blessed, which was hilarious (and Brian can sing opera. Who knew?). I heavily recommend listening to this series when it's broadcast, I think the episodes will be very funny.

I am currently composing a second blog entry about something that [ profile] surliminal posted earlier today, so that might come soon, hopefully. I also have a package at reception which I am now going to see if I can pick up.


Jan. 24th, 2008 10:40 pm
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I love the ZZ9 editor. She's managed to find a London pub that's wheelchair accessible, serves the real ale and has a fucking bar billiards table! Get in! :D The venue and date have been set, and MH is being stuffed on Saturday - I advise ZZ9ers to keep the Saturday after Eastercon free, since that's the only possible date within the timeline suggested by the AGM.
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Last weekend, as most of you will already know, it was my birthday. I've blogged in a very minor way about it in this entry, but I'll try and include slightly more detail. People began to arrive on the Thursday, with my Aunt Jennifer coming over on that evening. On the Friday, the fun really started, with my grandparents and my half-brother David turning up as well. On the Saturday morning, my half-brother, my brother and I went to see Casino Royale at the cinema, which was excellent. I really enjoyed it - it's very different to most of the other Bond movies (I know everyone else has said that, too, but it is!) and it's really cool. I also bought an issue of The Boys as well as two graphic novels (Sandman #5 and Y: The Last Man #2). In the evening lots of other family members and I went to the pub to eat fine food, which was nice. On the Sunday (which was my actual birthday), I woke up, had breakfast, opened cards and got some rather cool presents! ) After that, we went to the pub and I bought a round for thirty people with my Dad's money, and after that, we ate lunch, and after that, I went to the pub (or more accurately, several) and had a good time. In attendance, at various points, were (in a rough sort of order): myself, David, James [ profile] thunderbird2, Tobes [ profile] tobesv, Max [ profile] hawkida, Josh [ profile] jippyjosh, Liam [ profile] derbyboy88, Mark, Hannah, Darryll and Louise [ profile] ___lou___. It was, in general, a good sort of night, and a good weekend.

This weekend has also been good. Friday saw the arrival of NCIS Season One (if you haven't seen it, then watch some - it's shown on Saturdays on Five, IIRC). It also saw the purchase of Metroid Prime: Hunters, which I haven't yet played owing to a logistics cockup (James, being the kind soul that he is, very kindly took it home for me. To his house. Wahey.). On the Saturday, I went to York, which was good, as it saw the first train journey of my new leather bag. I plan to keep a log, of sorts, detailing the movements and other activities of The Bag. OCD? Me? You've got the wrong bloke, guv... In York, I met up with ZZ9ers and we slouched. In attendance were myself, Vicki [ profile] simbagirl, Sherlock [ profile] sherlock42, Abigail [ profile] abigail_42, Daniel, Isaac, Pepper [ profile] adelheid, Charmaine, Red [ profile] redbrown and Elle. My godsister, Jessica, also came along for about twenty minutes (i.e. the walk from York Minster to York railway station). After all the other slouchers had departed, Vicki and I walked about some more - we ended up playing cards in a McDonald's and I did some card tricks. It was really good to finally meet her. :D Eventually, we arrived back at her place, and stayed up talking and mucking about on the internet until Bob knows when. The train home was all fun - it arrived back at Peterborough seventy-two minutes late (comparing my watch's time to the timetable) owing to engineering works on the line between Doncaster and York.

In other, very random, news, it has been announced that a company has bought the rights to the Firefly MMORPG from Fox. This could be quite good, as it's Firefly, which will work well as that sort of thing (the Serenity paper-and-pencil RPG looks good, too), however, it's not a major name in videogame development and so I'm slightly apprehensive about whether it'll be any good. Also, if I get a MacBook, I might not get to play it. Ah well, we'll see.

One more, very small, thing: this post marks the first post to be labelled with the 'travel' tag. This tag will be used for all posts dealing with me gallivanting off around the country (and, eventually and hopefully, the world). It should round up most of the more interesting posts.


Sep. 20th, 2006 06:23 pm
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For discussion of these nominations and proposals, please use e-mail to contact me at secretary [at] zz9 [dot] org.

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